Sri Shani Bhagwan photo in pooja room?

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Sri Shani Bhagwan photo in pooja room?

  1. shani bhagwan

    My husband recently did a Kalasarpa dosha nivarana pooja at Sri Kalahasti temple through an online devotional website.The prasad has reached us. We received laminated photos of Sri Kalahasteeswara swamy and Sri gnanaprasunambika devi. Also,as a complement,we received a photo of Sri Sani bhagwan.I am not sure why they sent us the photo…I just want to know if i should keep these pictures in my pooja room or should i leave it in a temple? I am confused as i dont want to get any negative effects! I am not too orthodox and dont follow strict rules of worship. I am not sure if there are any rituals to be followed if i keep these pictures in my pooja room. No rude answer please. Anyone with indepth knowledge on the subject please guide me.Thank you.
  2. reply by sameer g
    Hello KD,
    I appreciate your effort to clear the confusion. Thanks for describing your problem very clearly.

    1. The most important thing I want to tell you about any “GOD” is that any GOD does not harm his devotee in any way. Therefore Shani also does not harm his devotee in any way. Shani only gives results of your karma, good or bad. So, it does not matter you place his photo in your pooja room or not. He will do his work. One should correct his/her karma (actions) by complete devotion to GOD.

    2. All GODs are pleased with only Pure Love in their lotus feet. If you have it in your heart, you don’t need to follow any strict rules of worship. And once you have it in your heart there is no matter you have any photo of any GOD in your home. Because in this case, you see GOD everywhere.

    3. Fear of GOD and negative effects and/or energy comes from lower level of consciousness of Self (GOD). Four types of level of consciousness (devotees) are defined in Hindu scriptures : Artharthi (Who believe in God for Monetary benefit), Aart (Who believe in GOD to get rid of any disease, problem etc.), Jigyasu (Who belive in GOD to know him), Gyaani (Who believe in GOD because they realised him or saw him). Artharthi and Aart are lower level of consciousness whereas Jigyasu and Gyaani have lower level of consciousness. So, if you have higher level of consciousness, you can place it in your pooja room. But if you have lower level of consciousness, you should leave it in some temple.

    4. Analyze yourself, and do what you think. But in my opinion, due to lower level of consciousness, it will be better for you to leave it in any temple. Please don’t consider it rude.

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