How and when to wear Moonga stone?

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How and when to wear Moonga stone?

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    I have brought Triangular moonga.Please let me know the detail procedure to wear the moonga.Which mantra is required?
  2. reply by Pramod Kumar M
    Namaste. The Moonga should be worn on a Tuesday morning within 1 hour of sunrise, after performing pooja to the presiding deity Mars or Mangal (or to Lord Kartikeya). Before wearing it, please ensure that the red coral is pure, without impurities and cut according to specfications prescribed by your astrologer. I have never heard of a triangular moonga, it is often oval in shape.

    The mantra to be chanted is “Dharanee Garbha Sambhootam Vidyut Kanti Samaprabham | Kumaaram Shakti Hastam Tam Mangalam Pranamaamyaham” (I bow to you Lord Mangal, born of the Earth’s womb, shining like lightning, holding the Shakti in your hand). Recite this mantra at least 108 times before wearing the coral. Preferably, the moonga should be energized for 48 days with this mantra chanting and then worn. Or you can wear it and continue to chant this mantra everyday for 48 days.

    You can also consider offering a pooja at the famous Vaideeswaran temple in Tamilnadu which is the Navagraha temple for Mars. See link below:

Do you know how to conduct pooja, please tell us!

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